Infantile Hodgkin's disease: remission after measles. 1973, Mota, BMJ

A similar case in Portugal. A 2-year old child was diagnosed with Hodgkin lymphoma (lymphogranulomatosis). Before they managed to start radiotherapy, the boy contracted measles and the lymphoma disappeared. After 6 months of remission, the mother found redness in the face and neck of the baby after he drank the wine. It turned out that there was a minor relapse of lymphoma.
The article does not report why the mother let her two-year-old child drink wine, how long has she been doing this, and whether this was related to the initial disease.


Regression of Hodgkin's disease after measles. 1981, Tagi, Lancet

A similar case in Nigeria in 1981. Also a case of lymphoma remission after contracting measles had been documented in 1949 in Cuba.

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