Simian vacuolating virus 40 (SV40)


Simian Virus 40 Transformation, Malignant Mesothelioma and Brain Tumors. 2011, Qi, Expert Rev Respir Med

In 1960, it turned out that kidney cells of macaques, which were used to grow the vaccine viruses, were infected with SV40 monkey virus, which caused cancer in hamsters. Later, dozens of studies have been published, which found this virus in human tumors. SV40 is found in mesotheliomas, brain tumors, breast tumors, large intestine tumors, lymphomas and osteosarcomas, etc. Mesothelioma is an aggressive cancer of the lung pleura that cannot be treated by conventional methods, and causes death in 90% of the patients within 2 years. Each year 3,000 people get diagnosed with it in the USA, whereas until 1950 it was virtually non-existent. Asbestos is considered to be its main cause, but SV40 plays a role of carcinogen, and significantly exacerbates the effect. The virus is usually found in tumors, but not in the healthy tissue surrounding them.
Since 1963, the manufacturers have switched from the macaque kidneys to kidneys of other monkeys, and began to test vaccines for SV40. However, they tested poorly, and in some countries, including USSR and Eastern European countries, vaccines were contaminated until 1978, and possibly later. In Italy, contaminated vaccines were used until 1999, and in China and some other countries they may still be contaminated.
Since at least 98 million of Americans, and hundreds of millions more worldwide, have been vaccinated with contaminated vaccines, despite the abundance of studies proving the carcinogenicity of SV40, no one is in a hurry to recognize the connection. The topic is considered controversial, it is not funded, reviewers do not support it, which is why scientists switch to other topics, and the entire SV40 research area has been paralyzed for many years. However, even studies, that allegedly do not confirm the connection between SV40 and tumors, in fact, find SV40 (just a little of it), or find DNA of the virus instead of a virus protein, and wonder whether the presence of DNA is a sufficient carcinogenic factor. After SV40 was removed from the vaccines, it did not go anywhere, as it multiplies in human cells, is contained in semen and is transmitted sexually, as well as from mother to child.
In 1963, manufacturers switched from macaque kidney cells to monkey kidney cells. The authors of an American study found DNA of monkey cytomegalovirus in several batches of the vaccine manufactured before 1992. In addition to the monkey kidney cell, green monkey kidney cells also began to be used. Half of the vaccines based on these cells had monkey cytomegalovirus. In 1996, Japanese researchers tested 43 batched of live vaccines (MMR and OPV) from different manufacturers, and found RNA of pestivirus in 28% of them.

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