Hepatitis A

The prevalence of atopy in children with antibodies against hepatitis A virus and hepatitis B virus. 2006, Kocabaş, Turk J Pediatr

Children who did not have antibodies against hepatitis A had 9 times more asthma and allergic rhinitis, those who did not have hepatitis B antibodies were 5.9 times more likely to have allergic diseases. More: [1].

Hepatitis A

Autoimmunity and hepatitis A vaccine in children. 2011, Karali, J Investig Allergol Clin Immunol

There are no accepted criteria for diagnosing autoimmune diseases due to vaccination, autoimmune diseases start long after vaccination and it is difficult to conclude a causal relationship. Vaccines contain adjuvants, preservatives, antigens and other ingredients, each of which can cause or exacerbate autoimmune reactions.
The authors injected 40 children from hepatitis A, and 25% of them formed autoantibodies (antibodies to their own antigens), one developed temporary leukopenia (with izhenie white blood cell count). One year after vaccination in two children still identified autoantibodies.


Simultaneous sudden infant death syndrome. 2007, Balci, J Forensic Leg Med

Две близняшки (3.5 месяцев) получили вторую дозу DTP и ОПВ и первую дозу вакцины от гепатита В. У них поднялась температура и они получили парацетамол. Через два дня обе умерли во сне, лежа на спине. Было установлено, что их смерть не связана с прививками, а умерли они по неизвестной причине.