Hepatitis A

The prevalence of atopy in children with antibodies against hepatitis A virus and hepatitis B virus. 2006, Kocabaş, Turk J Pediatr

Children who did not have hepatitis A antibodies suffered from asthma and allergic rhinitis 9 times more often. Those who did not have hepatitis B antibodies suffered from allergic diseases 5.9 times more often. More: [1].

Hepatitis A

Autoimmunity and hepatitis A vaccine in children. 2011, Karali, J Investig Allergol Clin Immunol

There are no accepted diagnostic criteria for autoimmune disease resulting from vaccination. Autoimmune diseases develop a long time after vaccination, and because of this, it is hard to conclude of a causal relationship. Vaccines contain adjuvants, preservatives, antigens and other ingredients, each of which can cause or exacerbate autoimmune reactions.
The authors vaccinated 40 children against hepatitis A, and 25% of them developed autoantibodies (antibodies to own antigens), and one of them developed a temporary leukopenia (a decrease in the number of white blood cells). Two years after the vaccine, two children still had autoantibodies.


Simultaneous sudden infant death syndrome. 2007, Balci, J Forensic Leg Med

Twins (3.5 months age) received a second dose of DTP and OPV and the first dose of hepatitis B vaccine. They had fever and were given paracetamol. Two days later, both died in their sleep lying on their backs. It was determined that their death was not related to vaccinations, and that they died of an unknown reason.

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