The reporting sensitivities of the two passive surveillance systems for vaccine adverse events. 1995, Rosenthal, Am J Public Health

VAERS reported 72% of cases of vaccine-associated poliomyelitis, but only 4% of cases hypotonic-hyporesponsive episode after DTP, and less 1% of cases of thrombocytopenia after MMR.The consequences that occur long after the vaccination, and the consequences that are not usually associated with vaccination, are much less likely to be registered.
Here reported that less than 5% of VAERS reports come from parents.


Electronic Support for the Public Health-Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (ESP: VAERS).

Although side effects of drugs occur in 25% of outpatients, only 0.3% of side effects and 1% to 13% of serious side effects are reported to the FDA.
Less than 1% of vaccine side effects are also recorded.


153 deaths and 366 disability cases after meningococcal vaccination have been registered with VAERS.
In 2016, 7 children under 3 years of age died after vaccination, and 15 became disabled. In the same year, 9 children under 5 years of age died from meningococcal infection. Given that only 1-10% of all cases are registered in VAERS, and that only children in high-risk groups are vaccinated, meningococcal vaccine probably kills more people than meningococcal infection.

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