Hepatitis A

Hospitalization and mortality due to hepatitis A in Taiwan: a 15-year nationwide cohort study. 2016, Chen, J Viral Hepat

Aboriginal people are getting vaccinated against hepatitis A in Taiwan since 1995. The study found that the hepatitis A incidence decreased by more than 3 times due to vaccination, despite the fact that only 2% of the population was vaccinated, and most of them lived in the mountains or on isolated islands.
Another study found that only 0.4% of unvaccinated population had hepatitis A antibodies, which led the authors to conclude that it is hygiene, and not vaccination, that is responsible for the decrease in the incidence of hepatitis A. Improved hygiene shifted hepatitis A incidence from children to older-aged people.

Hepatitis A

Hepatitis A Outbreak Among Men Who Have Sex With Men in a Country of Low Endemicity of Hepatitis A Infection. 2017, Chen, J Infect Dis

Outbreak of hepatitis A in Taiwan. More than 1,000 cases, 70% of them homosexuals, 60% HIV positive, and more than 60% infected with syphilis, gonorrhea or shigellosis.
There are no mentions of deaths from hepatitis A in any of these outbreaks.


Varicella vaccine alters the chronological trends of herpes zoster and varicella. 2013, Wu, PLoS One

The incidence of varicella decreased from 7.14 to 0.76 per 1,000 in Taiwan from 2001 to 2009, and the incidence of herpes zoster increased from 4.04 to 6.24 per 1,000.
The incidence of chickenpox is higher during the winter months, while the incidence of shingles, on the contrary, is higher during the summer months.


Vaccination and unexplained sudden death risk in Taiwanese infants. 2017, Huang, Pharmacoepidemiol Drug Saf

В марте 1992 года 8 младенцев в Тайване умерли в течение 36 часов после прививки DTP. Семеро из них получили вакцины из одной партии (которая составляла 58% из используемых на то время вакцин), что побудило власти приостановить вакцинацию этой партией.
Авторы проанализировали случаи СВДС в Тайване в 1996-2013 годах, и заключили, что риск внезапной смерти после DTP повышен на 60% у девочек в течение двух дней после прививки. Авторы заключают, что вакцина, вероятно, лишь ускорила смерть этих девочек на пару дней, и им и так было суждено умереть от СВДС, просто немного позже.


Risk of leukaemia in children infected with enterovirus: a nationwide, retrospective, population-based, Taiwanese-registry, cohort study. 2015, Lin, Lancet Oncol

Исследование 568 тысяч детей в Тайване. У детей, зараженных энтеровирусами, риск заболеть лейкемией был на 56% ниже.

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