Influenza vaccination compliance among health care workers in a German university hospital. 2009, Wicker, Infection

For more than 20 years, German health care workers have been pushed to be vaccinated for influenza, but only 39% of doctors and 17% of nurses are vaccinated. They are afraid of side effects, believe that vaccination can lead to illness, and do not believe in its effectiveness. (Berlin, Germany)

Vitamin K

Vitamin K prophylaxis to prevent neonatal vitamin K deficient intracranial haemorrhage in Shizuoka prefecture. 1996, Nishiguchi, Br J Obstet Gynaecol

In Japan, the probability of intracranial hemorrhage was 1 in 4,000 newborns before the use of vitamin K. In Germany and the UK, where vitamin K is used, the probability of a hemorrhage was 1 per 30,000. The status of blood coagulation in infants was significantly higher, when nursing mothers were given vitamin K2 (15 mg/day from the 14th day after delivery for two weeks).

Vitamin K

Vitamin K1 content of maternal milk: the influence of the stage of lactation, lipid composition, and vitamin K1 supplements given to the mother. 1987, von Kries, Pediatr Res

The concentration of vitamin K in the rear milk is higher than in the front milk, which is not surprising, since it is known that the rear milk is more fat. The concentration of vitamin K in the colostrum is higher than in the mature milk, and correlates with the level of cholesterol. The addition of vitamin K to the diet of mothers (0.5-3 mg) significantly increased the concentration of vitamin K in milk.


Increased Risk for Meningococcal Disease Among Men Who Have Sex With Men in the United States, 2012-2015. 2017, Folaranmi, Clin Infect Dis

The risk of meningococcal infection among homosexuals is 4 times higher than that of heterosexuals. HIV-infected homosexuals have a 10-fold higher risk of meningococcal disease than uninfected homosexuals. 45% of meningococcal cases reported numerous partners and participation in anonymous sex.
Among homosexuals, 32% smoke (compared to 18% of adults in the US), and 48% use drugs (compared to 10% on average).
In New York, the risk of meningococcal infection among homosexuals was 50 times higher than, on average, in German and 13 times above, in Paris 10 times above, in Southern California 50 times higher. 24% of homosexuals are carriers of meningococcus compared with 6% among heterosexual women, among the homosexuals who recently had oral-anal contact, 43% were carriers.
Meningococcus was also detected in 4.5% of homosexuals in the anal channel. In 2016 there was a discovered a new strain of meningococcus that can be transmitted sexually.
CDC reports that in 2016, 57% of those meningococcal men over 16 years of age reported having a homosexual contact. More: [1] [2] [3].


Tuberculosis in Newborns: The Lessons of the "Lübeck Disaster". 2016, Fox, PLoS Pathog

In 1929, an incident occurred in the city of Lübeck in Germany, which was later called the "Lübeck disaster.". 251 babies received 3 doses of BCG orally, followed by 90% with tuberculosis, and 72 of them died.However, that three virulent bacteria were mistakenly added to the vaccine.

First, despite the high mortality rate (29%), most babies recovered, which implies that people have innate immunity to tuberculosis bacteria antibiotics were not yet there). Secondly, those who are sexually or a low dose of bacteria coped with the disease better than those who received a high dose, which implies that innate immunity depends on the dose of bacteria.
Third, two babies who received a low dose nevertheless very quickly died of tuberculosis. It follows that some children are probably genetically predisposed to the disease.

Hepatitis A

Hepatitis A virus infections and outbreaks in asylum seekers arriving to Germany, September 2015 to March 2016. 2017, Michaelis, Emerg Microbes Infect

In 2015-16, the number of hepatitis A cases in Germany, which was constantly decreasing, increased by 45%, and the average age of the patients decreased significantly, it turned out that this is due to the million refugees that Germany accepted.

Hepatitis A

Ongoing outbreaks of hepatitis A among men who have sex with men (MSM), Berlin, November 2016 to January 2017 - linked to other German cities and European countries. 2017, Werber, Euro Surveill

Outbreak in Berlin: 38 cases, 37 men, 30 reported homosexual relationships. The woman also reported same-sex relationships.
One of the patients was vaccinated 11 months before the onset of the illness.
Here outbreaks are reported in Rome and its environs, 513 cases, of which 87.5% are men. [1]
Here reported an outbreak in Tel Aviv, 19 cases, from there are 17 homosexuals. [1]
Here reported that only 16 European there were 1500 cases of hepatitis A, and 2,660 unacknowledged cases, mostly among homosexuals. Here it is reported that from January to August 2017, 11,212 cases were registered in Europe, mainly among homosexuals.
WHO reports also about the outbreak among homosexuals in Chile.


Sexually transmitted diphtheria. 2013, Berger, Sex Transm Infect

The first case of infection with diphtheria through oral sex. A man, an immigrant from the USSR who lives in Germany, went to a male sex worker, and received from him with a blowjob also urethritis in addition with diphtheria. France), diphtheria has become more frequent in the last few years than in other developed countries (several cases per year).The reason for this is too liberal policy of these countries regarding reception of migrants from the countries of the third world.


Sudden and unexpected deaths after the administration of hexavalent vaccines 2005, von Kries, Eur J Pediatr

Авторы проверили смертность после двух шестивалентных вакцин (Инфанрикс Гекса и Гексавак) в Германии. Для детей на втором году жизни смертность в течение 24 часов после Гексавак была в 31 раз выше ожидаемой.
Авторы замечают, что количество случаев СВДС, происходящих через несколько дней после вакцинации скорее всего занижено, так как эти случаи не сообщаются в Paul Erlich Institute (который собирает случаи побочных эффектов от прививок). Например, из шести случаев СВДС случившихся в течение двух недель после вакцинации шестивалентной вакциной, лишь один, случившийся в течение 24 часов, был сообщён.


A modified self-controlled case series method to examine association between multidose vaccinations and death. 2011, Kuhnert, Stat Med

Авторы проанализировали 300 случаев смерти в Германии новым статистическим методом, и обнаружили, что четвертая доза пяти- или шестивалентной вакцины ассоциирована с повышением риска СВДС в 16 раз, а любая доза вакцины - с повышением риска в 2 раза.


Unexplained cases of sudden infant death shortly after hexavalent vaccination. 2006, Zinka, Vaccine

Среди шести случаев СВДС, произошедших в течение 48 часов после прививки шестивалентной вакциной, которым сделали вскрытие в мюнхенском институте, 5 были привиты вакциной Гексавак и один Инфанрикс Гекса. Кроме нейропатологических и гистологических аномалий, у всех обнаружился необычный отёк мозга.
Увеличение веса мозга, вызванное отеком или гиперемией (переполнением кровью сосудов), наблюдается главным образом после вакцинации DTP (АКДС). У двух из трех проверенных на триптазу обнаружился очень высокий уровень.
Авторы заключают, что после введения шестивалентной вакцины, количество СВДС сразу после вакцинации увеличилось в 13 раз.