History of chickenpox in glioma risk: a report from the glioma international case-control study (GICC). 2016, Amirian, Cancer Med

Varicella is associated with a 47% decrease in the risk of glioma (brain tumor) among people under the age of 40 years, and a 21% for people of all ages.


Does not infection with varicella-zoster virus affect risk of adult glioma? 1997, Wrensch, Am J Epidemiol

Varicella is associated with a 60% decrease in the risk of glioma, and herpes zoster with a 50% decrease..


Prevalence of antibodies to four herpesviruses among adults with glioma and controls. 2001, Wrensch, Am J Epidemiol

Presence of varicella antibodies is associated with 59% decrease in the risk of glioma. More: [1], [2], [3] , [4], [5].


Role of medical history in the brain tumour development. Results from the international adult brain tumour study. 1999, Schlehofer, Int J Cancer

Subjects who reported a history of infectious diseases (e.g., colds, flu) showed a 30% reduction in risk of glioma (brain tumor) development.

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