Bell's Palsy


Safety of Quadrivalent Meningococcal Conjugate Vaccine in 11- to 21-Year-Olds. 2017, Tseng, Pediatrics

The risk of Bell's palsy (facial paralysis) within 12 weeks of vaccination was 5 times higher for those who received the meningococcal vaccine (Menactra/Menveo) together with other vaccines, as compared to the control group. However, patients vaccinated with the same vaccines over 12 weeks before, were used as a control group.
The risk of Hashimoto’s disease was 5.5 times higher among those vaccinated, the risk of iridocyclitis was 3.1 times higher, and the risk of epileptic seizure was 2.9 times higher. All these cases were later reviewed, some of them were excluded, and the authors concluded that there was no statistically significant relationship between the vaccine and these diseases.

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