Influenza vaccination amongst hospital health care workers in Beijing. 2010, Seale, Occup Med Lond

Only 13% of the doctors and 21% of the nurses received vaccines against influenza.
40% of health care workers believe that the flu vaccine can actually cause flu. (Beijing, China)


Varicella outbreak in a highly-vaccinated school population in Beijing, China during the two-dose era. 2017, Suo, Vaccine

Varicella outbreak in a school, where 98.6% of children had been vaccinated (63% of them with two doses).
Of the unvaccinated children, 14% got infected, of those vaccinated with one dose – 1.6%, and of those vaccinated with two doses – 2%.
The authors conclude that higher two-dose vaccination coverage is needed to prevent outbreaks.


The tetanus bacillus as an intestinal saprophyte in man. 1922, Tenbroeck, J Exp Med

The answer to the question, how natural immunity is produced was already given back in the 20s of last century. Tetanus bacteria were found in the intestines of 35% of the 78 men tested in Beijing. Tetanus was a very rare disease in China in early 20th century (not counting the neonatal tetanus).
Researchers found tetanus bacteria in the patients’ stool even after they spent three months in the hospital on a virtually sterile diet. This can lead to a conclusion that tetanus bacteria multiply in the intestines.

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