Breast cancer


Aluminum, antiperspirants and breast cancer. 2005, Darbre, J Inorg Biochem

- Aluminum in antiperspirants blocks the sweat glands preventing them from releasing sweat, which is what makes them so effective.
- The cause of 90% of breast cancer is environmental, not genetic.
- In 1926 only 31% of cancer tumors were located in upper outer part of the breast. In 1994 the numbers increased to 61%. This proportion is growing linearly each year.
- Genomic instability in outer part of the breast is constantly increasing.
- Among breast cancer patients, those who used antiperspirants more often were diagnosed at a younger age.
- Aluminum gets to the bloodstream from the skin after just one use of deodorant.
- Aluminum is genotoxic; it can alter the DNA. It also has an epigenetic effect.
- Aluminum blocks estrogen receptors.
- The following article report that 6 times more aluminum is absorbed through damaged skin, and since women often apply antiperspirant after shaving, it increases the absorption of aluminum.
- The concentration of aluminum in the outer part of the breast is much higher than that of the inner part.
- The concentration of aluminum in tumors is higher than in the surrounding tissue.
- The concentration of aluminum in breasts and breast milk is higher than in blood.
Breast cyst is also more common in the outer part of the breast and the concentration of aluminum in it is higher than in the blood. For some women the cyst dissolves on its own after discontinuing the use of antiperspirant.
However, the article is worth reading not only for women, since antiperspirants might also lead to prostate cancer.
The next article about antiperspirants that is worth reading is on the American Cancer Society website. Read it and decide for yourself, whether the society is set out to reduce the number of cancer patients, or the other way round. More: [1]

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