Effects of Vitamin C Intake on the Degree of Tooth Injury Produced by Diphtheria Toxin. 1940, King, Am. J. Public Health

  • When guinea pigs are injected with a sublethal dose of diphtheria toxin, a 30-50% decrease in the vitamin C level in tissues is observed within 24-48 hours.
  • Children who received little vitamin C, developed scurvy during the infection. It resolved spontaneously after recovery, without increasing the amount of vitamin C in the diet.
  • What correlated with the absence of tooth caries in children of 10-14 years of age are good nutrition and lack of diseases in infancy and childhood.
  • Guinea pigs got injected with 0.4 and 0.8 of the minimum lethal dose of diphtheria toxin. Among those who received 0.8 mg of vitamin C daily, destruction of dental tissue was observed. Teeth of those who received 5 mg of vitamin did not decay.
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