Effectiveness of a live oral human rotavirus vaccine after programmatic introduction in Bangladesh: A cluster-randomized trial. 2017, Zaman, PLoS Med

Rotarix effectiveness against rotavirus diarrhea in a Bangladeshi study was 41%. Its effectiveness against all types of diarrhea turned out to be negative (-2.2%).


In November-December of 2017, diphtheria outbreaks began in Yemen and in a refugee camp in Bangladesh. This, of course, happened because of the insufficient vaccination, and not because of the civil war in Yemen, and certainly not because the refugees in Bangladesh lived in tents, 30 people in each.


Effect of ascorbic acid in the treatment of tetanus. 1984, Jahan, Bangladesh Med Res Counc Bull

A controlled study of the effects of vitamin C on tetanus in Bangladesh. 117 patients were divided into two groups. The first group received 1g of vitamin C intravenously each day, in addition to the immunoglobulin. The second group only received immunoglobulin.
In the children’s group (1-12 years old), among those who did not receive the vitamin, the mortality rate was 74%. No one died from the group that received vitamin C.
In adults’ group (13-30 years old), among those who did not receive the vitamin, the mortality rate was 68%. 37% of those who did get the vitamin also died. Since the vitamin C dose was the same for both groups, despite the different weight of patients, it is logical to assume that a higher dose of vitamin in the adult group would further reduce the mortality rate.

The authors also report on the results of another interesting study. Since the tetanus toxin and strychnine have a similar mode of action, they decided to check how vitamin C would affect the strychnine intoxication.
60 two-day chicks were divided into four groups.
The first group received 5 μg of strychnine. They showed symptoms of poisoning.
The second group received 5 μg of strychnine, and also 30 mg of vitamin C 30 minutes before that. No symptoms were observed.
The third group received 10 μg of strychnine. They all developed paralysis, and 80% of them died.
The fourth group received 10 μg of strychnine and 30 mg of vitamin C. 20% of them had temporary paralysis, which lasted half an hour. The others showed no symptoms at all.
More about strychnine and vitamin C: [1] [2]

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