The link between diabetes and tuberculosis was originally recognized by Avicenna, and we are rediscovering it today. Diabetics suffer from tuberculosis 3 times more often, HIV carriers – 20 times more often. The risk of tuberculosis is also increased by use of immunosuppressive drugs, such as corticosteroids. The association of drugs for rheumatological disorders treatment with tuberculosis is an emergent problem in developed countries.
The CDC reports that other risk factors for the disease are alcoholism, drug use, homelessness, and jail. In 2015, 470 people died from tuberculosis in the United States.


From 1987 to 2008, 13% of tetanus cases and 29% of tetanus deaths occurred in people sick with diabetes. Diabetics suffer from tetanus three times more often than the rest, and die four times more often. 15% of tetanus cases occur in intravenous drug users.
Even if one were to assume that tetanus antibodies effectively neutralize the toxin, they would still need to get to the place of injury. And if the injury were to occur in a place with no sufficient blood supply, antibodies would not be able to get there. This is why diabetics suffer from tetanus much more often.


The influence of chronic illnesses on adults with invasive pneumococcal disease in adults. 2005, Kyaw, J Infect Dis

The risk of an adult healthy person getting an invasive pneumococcal infection is 8.8 per 100,000. Most cases are elderly people. Diabetes increases the risk by 3.4 times, chronic heart disease - by 6.4 times, chronic lung disease - by 5.6 times, cancer - 23 times, AIDS - 48 times, blood cancer - 38 times, alcoholism - 11 times. The risk of a chronic patient dying from pneumococcal infection is increased 2.8 times.
Healthy black people get the disease 2.3 times more often than healthy white ones. Black people who are also alcoholics get it 6 times more often than white ones.

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