Nephrotic syndrome


Effect of measles on the nephrotic syndrome. 1947, Blumberg, Am J Dis Child

5 patients with nephrotic syndrome got measles, two of them had a nephrotic syndrome after measles, three had only temporary improvement. The authors analyzed medical literature and found several more cases of curing the nephrotic syndrome after measles, and frequent cases of temporary improvement.
Authors report that measles was the most effective treatment for nephrotic syndrome from all the methods they use.


A notable case of nephrosis. 1978, Gairdner, Arch Dis Child

It tells about the severe case of nephrotic syndrome in a 10-year-old boy in England in 1916. The child was ill for months and almost died, doctors did not give him a chance, and his family had already bought mourning clothes. But suddenly he contracted measles, and after it completely recovered from the nephrotic syndrome.He then for many years he worn the mourning suits of his brothers, and then became a famous pediatrician, professor, and president of the National Pediatric Association.

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