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Outbreak of measles among persons with prior evidence of immunity 2014, Rosen, Clin Infect Dis

It was previously believed, that although those vaccinated against measles can still get measles, they are not able to infect others (the authors clearly did not read the previous article, and dozens of other articles about measles outbreaks in fully vaccinated schools). And so it turned out that they could. A twenty-two-year-old girl, vaccinated twice, infected with measles four people, three of which were employees of a medical institution. All four were either vaccinated with two doses, or had measles antibodies.
Here are a few articles about measles outbreaks in fully or almost fully vaccinated groups: [1], [2], [3], [4], [5], [6], [7], [8], [9], [10], [11], [12], [13], [14].


Vitamin A levels and severity of measles. New York City. 1992, Frieden, Am J Dis Child

In New York, vitamin A levels were measured in 89 children under 2 years old with measles, and were compared with a control group. Almost all the children were Latin and African Americans. 22% had a low vitamin level (less than 0.7). 26% had a borderline level (0.7-0.87). Children with vitamin deficiency had fever (above 40) more often, for longer time, and they were hospitalized 2 times more often. Children with borderline vitamin levels were also hospitalized more often. Children in the control group did not have vitamin A deficiency, and their average vitamin level was 2 times higher than in the group of measles patients (0.92 vs. 1.9 umol/l).
6 of the children with measles had proof of vaccination. Measles symptoms, vitamin levels and the antibodies levels were exactly the same as in those with no vaccination record.
Vitamin A deficiency weakens cellular immunity and reduces antibody production.
The authors conclude that half of children with measles in New York have low or borderline vitamin A levels, which leads to more severe symptoms. They suggest supplementing vitamin A to children in the United States, and not just in third world countries.
A similar study conducted in Milwaukee.

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