Multiple sclerosis


A population-based case-control study on viral infections and vaccinations and subsequent multiple sclerosis risk. 2009, Ahlgren, Eur J Epidemiol

In those who had been vaccinated with MMR before the age of ten, the risk of multiple sclerosis was 5 times higher.


Aluminum Involvement in Neurotoxicity. 2014, Fulgenzi, Biomed Res Int

Removing aluminum by chelation therapy in multiple sclerosis patients led to improvement of their symptoms. Patients with neuro-degenerative diseases and multiple sclerosis have much higher levels of aluminum than healthy people.


Risk factors of multiple sclerosis: a case-control study. 2003, Zorzon, Neurol Sci

Measles immunization is associated with a 92-fold increase in the risk of multiple sclerosis.
There are 9 reported cases of multiple sclerosis that started immediately after vaccination.

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