How do physicians immunize their own children? Differences among pediatricians and nonpediatricians. 2005, Posfay-Barbe, Pediatrics

5% of non-pediatric doctors do not vaccinate their children against measles, mumps and rubella. They believe that combined vaccines are unsafe, that it is better to have the disease than to get vaccinated, and that homeopathic treatment works well for these diseases.
10% postpone DTaP vaccination for a later date, 15% postpone MMR vaccination.
A third of the doctors did not vaccinate their children against hepatitis B and hemophilic bacilli. Only 12% were vaccinated against the flu, and only 3% were vaccinated against chickenpox. 34% of pediatricians did not vaccinate their children according to the vaccination schedule.
The survey involved only InfoVac subscribers, that is, doctors who are actively interested in vaccinations. From which it follows that the actual number of doctors who do not vaccinate their children is probably much more. (Switzerland)


An 11-month-old boy with psychomotor regression and auto-aggressive behaviour. 2003, Chrysochoou, Eur J Pediatr

У 11-месячного мальчика в Швейцарии начались симптомы, напоминающие аутизм. Он не смеялся, не играл, был беспокойным, почти не спал, терял вес и не умел больше ползать и стоять. Ему сделали многочисленные проверки, но диагноз поставить не смогли. Через 3 месяца его госпитализировали, и после повторных многочисленных проверок, лишь когда родителям задали вопрос, оказалось, что за 4 недели до начала симптомов в доме разбился ртутный термометр. Оказалось, что у мальчика было отравление ртутью (акродиния).

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