A retrospective epidemiological study of bacterial meningitis in an urban area in Belgium. 1997, van Hoeck, Eur J Pediatr

The incidence of bacterial meningitis in Belgium increased 10-fold between 1988 and 1993, mainly due to meningococcus, immigrants and non-whites more often.


Response to diphtheria booster vaccination in healthy adults: vaccine trial. 2000, Vellinga, BMJ

Adults in Belgium underwent revaccination from diphtheria, 24% had an antibody level that was not higher than "protective", and those with low antibody levels were 42% poor after vaccination.
The authors conclude that one revaccination for adults is not enough.


Death from diphtheria in developed countries is so rare that every such case is widely covered in the press. diphtheria in Spain, and in 2016 a girl in Belgium and a girl in England in 2008. This seems to be the only cases of death of children from diphtheria in developed countries in recent years 30.
In Israel over the past 40 years there was only 7 cases of diphtheria, and there have been no cases of diphtheria in the last 15 years.
Several cases of the disease are registered in Russia In 2012, there were 5 cases of the disease, including four vaccinated, including 11 carriers, of which 9 were immunized. In 2013, there were two cases of the disease, both vaccinated, four carriers were identified, all were vaccinated. In 2014 was one case, and in 2015 two more (it is unclear whether they were vaccinated or not). For all these years, no one died from diphtheria.
Many more cases of anthrax (anthrax) are registered in Russia), a much more dangerous disease (36 cases in 2016, 3 cases in 2015). But since they do not vaccinate her, and no one scares her, her parents are not very afraid that the child will suddenly catch her.